RTM SM468 0,25" Audio Recording Tape

Recording The Masters

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 Recording The Masters LPR35 1/4 inch premium reel to reel audio recording tape for home and semi-professional use. Widely known tape originated by AGFA. The best one AGFA ever made.

R35110 - The best,if you wish to archive your recordings made on professional portable recorders.Allows the use with closed lid on most popular machines like Nagra or Stellavox.

R35111 - Low print-through,same tape setting as original Agfa tape.It should be used in Nagra recorders with opened lid,or lid closed with special cover adaptor.

R35112 - Plastic reel,trident hole.For the people that are loving the original AGFA analogue sound.

R35120 - If you have a pair of NAB adaptors,don´t hesitate to try it.Metal reel is ideal for long-term archiving of the tape recordings.

R35130 - For the users which wish to use a professional tape on their home recorders and have the original reels.Also for the use on studio recorders cappable of 10" pancake tape.

R35140 - Pancake tape for studio use.Fits proffesional machines such as Studer A80,A807,A812,Telefunken M10,M15/15a,M20,M21 and many others.

Datasheet please find here.