LPR 35 0,25"

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Classical tape for home and semi-professional use.Originally created by BASF. Tape recorder setting very similar to a lot of other tapes from other producers.

R34510 - Plastic reel with trident hole.For use in small recorders.

R34511 - Plastic reel with trident hole.Very popular diameter for almost all home-Hi-Fi recorders.Allows to record over 48min of music at 19 cm/s (7,5 ips)

R34512 - Cost saving solution for people who needs a big diameter tape for their higher class recorders,but don´t have the NAB adaptors.Trident hole fits all Home-Hi-fi and Semiprofessional recorders.

R34520 - Nice metal reel upgrades the visual of any R2R recorder.

R34530 - Fits the needs of customers who have their own reels from old,damaged tapes.Simly add the flanges from your old reel and you have a new tape in original vintage look.