*NEW* Esoteric Grandioso G1X Master Sound Discrete Clock Generator

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ETA June 2021
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newly developed “Master Sound Discrete Clock” 10 MHz

Devoting ESOTERIC’s boasting discrete technologies into master clock generator.

A newly developed “Master Sound Discrete Clock” has employed on this flagship model to explore the new horizon.
With the discrete clock exclusively designed for music playback, the Grandioso G1 has evolved into the X Edition.

Grandioso G1X
Grandioso G1X

New ESOTERIC original “Master Sound Discrete Clock” exclusively designed for the ESOTERIC X Edition


  • ESOTERIC’s original discrete oscillator composed with full-scale parts and circuit patterns to bring out the musicality of the crystal oscillator.
  • Over-sized SC-cut crystal oscillator for stable oscillation.
  • An extra large chamber using vacuum insulation technology to stabilize temperatures of crystals and peripheral circuits, and a dedicated microcomputer-controlled heater for high precision temperature control.
  • Individual power supply circuits for the crystal oscillator, the circuits, and the heater, accompanying dual transformers with an over-sized toroidal-core power transformer for the clock, and an EI-core power transformer for system control to supply clean current and suppress mutual interference.


Sufficient five 10MHz output terminals reserved for future Grandioso expansion

“Adaptive zero-ground mode” that maintains the ground at 0V at all times, and proposes alternative musicality with commensurate 10MHz signal in “Normal mode”.

Upgraded chassis that qualifies
the Grandioso X Edition specifications


  • Dual-layered mounting chassis that accommodates power transformer and other components separately to reduce mutual interference
  • Laser-cut slits on the bottom chassis to suppress vibration
  • Pin-point feet that combine benefits of spike foot and easy handling
  • Semi-floating design top panel that maximizes openness of sound


Grandioso G1X


Version-up service (VUK-G1X)
  • Replacing entire circuit boards including the clock module and the output section with the ones of the Grandioso G1X.
  • Version-up service is available from mid-2021 through authorized ESOTERIC dealers.



Key Specifications
  • Signal format: 10MHz
  • Output connectors: BNC × 5
  • Overall Dimensions: 445 × 132 × 448mm (W×H×D, including protrusion)


Grandioso G1X
2 years