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2x 1/4 RTM SM900 Tape set, Metal reel 10,5"/265mm, NAB Hub, 38 cm/s (15 ips), IEC eq."
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Fonè 130
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fonè by Signoricci
Giulio Cesare Ricci, founder and president of the Audiophile Productions/ fonè, began professionally recording his albums recorded with analog systems in 1983 and continues to do so today.

HIS ANALOG RECORDERS are: Nagra 4s, Studer c37, Ampex ATR 102
- Each tape is recorded in real time - Duration 30 minutes
- Unique piece - Tape: SM900 - RMG - 1/4 inch - Eq : IEC
- Speed: 15 ips (38.1 cm/s)
- Reel Size : 26.5 cm reel with metal flange
- Tape Source: Ampex ATR 102-1/2 inch - 30 ips (76 cm/s)
- Tape Recorder : Nagra 4s - 1/4 inch - 15 ips (38.1 cm/s)
- Mastering Personnel : Giulio Cesare Ricci in person realizes all the phases.

The original Master read by an Ampex ATR 102-1/2 inch - 30 ips (76 cm/s) is transferred in real time on a Nagra 4s - 1/4 inch - 15 ips (38.1 cm/s). The tape used is an RTM SM900 - 1/4 inch reel with metal flange 26.5 cm. The recorded tape is contained in a cardboard box which has a graphic personalization front/back with the indication of the music, performers and technical notes. The box containing “ANALOG MASTER TAPES - fonè by Signoricci “ is packed in a protective clear plastic bag with releasable adhesive closure.


BEYOND WORDS - J. Sklair F. Crawford 3’24” 
J. Sklair guitar - R. Ross bass - F. Crawford piano & organ - J. Le Compte drums

PASTELS - S. Bunch 6’25”
S. Bunch tenor bass - K. Briggs violin - J. Oppenheim saxophone - N. Smith piano 
B. Summers percussion - K. Jones fretless bass

THE SKY IS CRYING - E. James M. Robinson C. Lewis 6’29”
V. Leigh vocals - B. Bishop & Josh Sklair guitars - R. Ross bass 
F. Crawford piano & organ - J. Le Compte drums

DARK AND LOOSE - J. Leftwich M. O’Neill 6’01”
D. Garfield piano - M. O’Neill Yamaha nylon stringed acoustic guitar - J. Leftwich bass L. Klimas tenor & soprano sax - E. Toro drums and percussion

ESPRESSO - K. Knowles R. Mitchell 3’34”
K. Knowles vocal - F. Crawford piano & keyboards - B. Bishop acoustic guitar 
J. Leftwich bass - J. Sklair, electric & acoustic guitars - E. Toro drums & percussion 
B. Summers trumpet & flugelhorn - L. Klimas saxophones - E. A. Manley baritone 
saxophone - S. Sklair arranger, MD, clarinet - V. Leigh, B. Bishop backing vocals



INDIANSONG - M. O’Neill 7’58”
D. Garfield piano - M. O’Neill Yamaha nylon stringed acoustic guitar - J. Earl Warwick acoustic bass guitar - L. Klimas tenor & soprano sax, Flute - W. Reyes drums Custom Pearl Kit

AFRICA - L. Verdieu S. Bunch 10’14”
L. Verdieu vocals - S. Bunch bass - J. Heredia, R. Henry drums - J. Quintero, A. Yoshida guitars - B. Maupin flute & saxophones - D. Johnson piano - K. Briggs violin - L. Conte, A. Figueroa, M. Bambino, B. Summers, L. Verdieu percussions - Felicidad, E. Lala, L. Fiddmont, H. Jackson, M. Bambino background vocals

A FELICIDADE - A.C. Jobim V. Moraes 4’41”
K. M. Garry vocals - P. Kreibich drums - K. Hammack piano - E. Von Essen bass

ROMPE SARAGUEY - M. Chapottin 4’22”
N. Hernandez vocal - R. Estagnado bass - B. Rodriguez, O. Brashear trumpets - K. Briggs violin - M. Turre saxophone & flute - N. Hernandez, B. Summers, M. Jackson percussions

RESPECT - O. Redding 2’39”
V. Leigh vocals - B. Bishop & J. Sklair guitars - B. V. Ravensberg bass - F. Crawford piano & organ - J. 
Le Compte drums

Reel audio tapes carry warranty of 2 years if treated properly. Consumable product. No returns of used product.