TAPE - André Previn - Rachmaninov 2nd Symphony

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1/4inch RTM SM468 Tape, Metal Reel 265mm (10,5inch), NAB Hub, IEC eq.
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by André Previn conducts The London Symphony Orchestra

André Previn writes:
The LSO (London Symphony Orchestra) and I have been playing this particular Symphony for a long time, and in a great many places. We've given performances throughout Europe, the United States, the Far East, and in Russia, and no matter how otherwise disparate the local culture or history, Rachmaninov's passionate music reached out to every listener. One of the most unforgettable events of my musical life was seeing members of the Moscow audience openly and unabashedly weeping during the performance.

I used to be guilty of making the so-called "official" cuts in this lengthy work. While in Leningrad I was told that actually Rachmaninov only liked a small cut in the Finale. On re-examining the score I decided to re-instate every note, even that small cut which the composer himself had made. It makes the Symphony undeniably long, but I feel that its honesty, its power, its heart-felt lyricism can stand it. I confess it freely and eagerly: I love this work, and so does the LSO, and we will continue to play it for a long time to come.

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