TAPE - LSO Barbirolli - du Pre / Elgar Sea Pictures

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1/4inch RTM SM468 Tape, Metal Reel 265mm (10,5inch), NAB Hub, IEC eq.
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by Sir John Barbirolli London Symphony Orchestra, Jacquelin Du Pre, Janet Baker
First issued in 1965, few recordings have lasted so well and, in the case of Sea Pictures , carried on getting better. Du Pré's account of the concerto, made when she was barely 20, made her a star overnight and remains the work with which she's most often identified. Her forceful, highly emotional performance won't be to all tastes or occasions, but it brings the work to life like few others. Not just the poignancy of the opening, or the aching nostalgia of the "Adagio", but the quicksilver brilliance of the "Scherzo" and cumulative energy of the finale are really made to tell. Barbirolli gives marvelous understanding support here and in Sea Pictures. It also established its soloist - Janet Baker, and remains the deepest and most perceptive recording this song-cycle is ever likely to have! Baker makes light of the sometimes gauche poetry and awkward word-setting, giving the music a sweep and nobility typical of Elgar at his best.
Richard Whitehouse
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