TAPE - The Reiner Sound - Ravel/Rachmaninoff

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1/4inch RTM SM468 Tape, Metal Reel 265mm (10,5inch), NAB Hub, IEC eq.
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by The Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Fritz Reiner, conductor

Refurbished by Christoph Stickel

RCA's "golden age" was more like a "golden minute" - in a scant period, roughly from 1958 to 1963, the beginning of the stereo era - pure vacuum tube amplification helped produce recordings demonstrating unparalleled fidelity and warmth, lifelike presence and midband illumination .

Yet another giant of the Living Stereo series featuring the unparalleled pairing of Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The Isle Of The Dead is a truly awesome orchestral spectacular with dynamic peaks that will stun most listeners. Also included is the equally stirring version of Rhapsodie Espagnole.

Packaged in the original tip-on jacket facsimiles that precisely duplicate the original cover art, including the "Living Stereo" logo, LSC numbers and "Shaded Dog" label. There are now recordings with unprecedented sound quality. The analogue recording were the foundation for Christoph Stickel's subtle “refurbishing”. The aim was in no way to interfere artificially. The recordings were merely "rid of noise".

Conductor - Fritz Reiner
Orchestra - Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Track listing:
Maurice Ravel:
1. Rapsodie Espagnole - Prélude À La Nuit
2. Rapsodie Espagnole - Malagueña
3. Rapsodie Espagnole - Habanera
4. Rapsodie Espagnole - Feria
5. Rapsodie Espagnole - Pavan For A Dead Princess
Sergei Rachmaninoff:
6. Isle Of The Dead, Op. 29

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