OPUS3 A Selection From Tomas Örnberg's Blue Five & The Swedish Jazz Kings - Hybrid Multichannel SACD

OPUS3 records

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1x Hybrid SACD, Playable on SACD player or standard CD player
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2010 in Sweden
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We have made 3 albums with Tomas Örnberg´s BLUE FIVE and 3 with The Swedish Jazz Kings.

Both bands are based upon the partnership with Bent Persson and Tomas Örnberg

We feel that what they have done through the years is really a tribute to the Chicago Jazz era and  in many ways a recreation of the music of Clarence Williams.
Both Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet are of course also among the important musicians who have inspired this band.

I do not think that any band in the world has so consistently made the Classic Jazz from this time  -  1920 to 1930  -   so alive and really revived it in such an authentic and positive way!
The selection of tracks we have made from those 6 albums, has great variation and really shows the broad spectrum of the musical choice of this band!

And last but not least; featuring three outstanding guests:  Kenny Davern (cl), Roy Williams (tb) & Bob Barnard (crnt/tp) together with Bent Persson (crnt/tp), who is a regular member of the band.


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       02. 'Tain't Nobody's Bizeness if I do
       (Porter-Grainger-Robbins) -Rec. 1981

       04. Gulf Coast Blues (C. Williams) -Rec 1996

       11. It's Right Here For You (P. Bradford) -Rec. 1996

       17. Absent Minded Blues (T. Delaney) Rec. 1993
       19. Moody Melody (J. Noone) 



01. Mean Blues (B. Smythe-A. Gillham) -Rec. 1979 3´48
02. 'Tain't Nobody's Bizeness if I do (Porter-Grainger-Robbins) -Rec. 1981 2´46
03. Black Beauty (D. Ellington) -Rec. 1981 4´38
04. Gulf Coast Blues (C. Williams) -Rec 1996 5´39
05. New Orleans Stomp (JL Armstrong-Lil Hardin) -Rec1981 2´57
06. There Ain't no Sweet Man (F. Ficher) -Rec. 1993 3´23
07. Buddy Bolden's Blues (J.R. Morton) -Rec1997 3´59
08. After My Laughter Came Tears (Tobias - Turk) -Rec. 1995 4´31
09. Georgia Cabin (Caroley-Bechet) -Rec. 1979 2´27
10. Achin' Hearted Blues (Williams) -Rec 1979 3´05
11. It's Right Here For You (P. Bradford) -Rec. 1996 4´54
12. Mr. Jess (B. Green) -Rec. 1996 5´46
13. Bienville Blues (Unknown) -Rec. 1981 3´13
14. Please Don't Talk About Me (Stept-Clare) -Rec. 1997 4´52
15. How Come You Do Me (Austin-Bergere) -Rec. 1994 5´24
16. Let's Sow Wild Oat (Unknown) -Rec. 1981 2´00
17. Absent Minded Blues (T. Delaney) Rec. 1993 5´09
18. Everybody Loves My Baby (J. Palmer-Sp. Williams) Rec. 2001 4´48
19. Moody Melody (J. Noone) 5´06


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  • 5
    Tomas Ornberg's blue five & the swesish Jazz Kings

    Posted by Stew Colli on 23rd Nov 2021

    I had no compunction in ordering from the Swedish Jazz Kings as I find their recordings to be exemplary in sound reproduction. And I'm equally satisfied with this particular Super Audio disc compilation.Anyone who chooses to purchase from the Swedish Jazz Kings will not be disappointed and will find the listening to be such a pleasure indeed.

  • 5
    Eighty minutes of fun

    Posted by Jonno on 23rd Nov 2021

    What makes a motley bunch of Swedish, US, European and UK soloists play 1930's and 40's trad Chicago jazz? I can only conclude because they love playing it. That's all rather convenient, because also happen to love listening to it. I jest, but the playing really is infectious and fun. They're having fun, and so are we. And fun seems to be in rather short supply for all of us at the moment. So grab it wherever you can! In fact, this packed 80-minute disc contains a collection of mainstream standards gleaned from several Opus 3 vinyls of Tomas Ornberg and the Swedish Jazz Kings. The sound quality is exceptional (except - conspicuously - track 18, recorded in digital): it's a damn good advert, in fact, for what can be done with single-point Blumlein miking, with vacuum tube mikes and preamps. Like the best minimalist recordings, it's pure, 'touch me' tangible in space, timbrally immaculate and exceptionally dynamic. The swoops from clarinet and alto sax will give your tweeters - and ears - goose bumps. It's also rather unfocussed (in true 'Pawnshop' style), but I am not judging this in the same way I would classical music in a big auditorium. It's true to jazz in an intimate acoustic; anyway, I could never hear much focus in my jazz club-going days! Lucky I could hear anything with that much alcohol in my system...