Revox PR99 MkIII 1/4" reel tape recorder - renovated

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Semi-professional Revox machine with balanced inputs and outputs.


Mk.III is the last version. Compared to MkI, the MkIII version adds digital counter and some smart memory functions. Compared to Mk.II it has a grey lower panel and some minor changes in the construction. A very good value for the money.
A lot of special functions like adjustable input/output levels according the precission VU meters, tape transport memories, locators, peak level diodes.

Heads in a very good condition
Partially recapped.
Brand new bearings installed.
2 speeds : 19 + 38 cm/s (7,5 + 15 ips)
Varispeed control
Adjusted for a RTM SM 911 tape (could be re-alligned upon request to another type of tape)
Power cord included
Other accessories upon request