Stellavox PRO TD9 1/4" Reference Professional Reel Tape Recorder - new production

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Product will be shipped within 4-6 weeks. Recorder is hand built to your specifications. We will let you know exact delivery time after order received.
€500,00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
How to order:
Buy in our store, send us email to or call +421905612447.

The Stellavox TD9 is considered the best tape recorder ever made and has become a legend. Due to the high price, which was caused by the complexity of the technical solution and the precision of hand-made Swiss production, only a few hundred pieces were produced. Originally manufactured recorders are mostly in poor technical condition and need a complete reconstruction. Despite that, their price on the market is still very high.

SEPEA Audio launched the production of this tape recorder according to the original company documents, drawings and documentation. Some parts comes from the original Swiss Stellavox production, as we bought remaining stock. These are combined with new manufactured parts. We have managed to contact the original producers, who made to order particular parts for our needs. Where the former manufacturer no longer exists, parts are manufactured according to original drawings and material specification.

In the near future, a range of accessories will also be available. For example, L-shaped wooden side panels, trolley stand, VU meter bridge, legs for horizontal operation of the device and also rack-mount. A number of different adapter types for audio or film tapes are available on stock.

As many years have passed since the end of the original production and technical progress has advanced, there is space for further upgrades and improvements of the original design. We will gradually introduce them into production. Of course, we will inform you about any changes on our website.

As this is a new production, we provide a full 2-years warranty (excluding natural wear and tear of mechanical parts).

The listed prices are introductory. After using up old stock parts and replacing them with new manufacture parts, this price will gradually increase.

1/4" version

-standard tape width

-2 tracks, stereo

-speeds 19/38 cm/s (7.5/15 ips)

-speeds can be changed according to customer requirements (send us email to or call +421905612447)

2 years. Normal wear and tear of mechanical parts is not covered by the warranty.

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    Posted by Matthias from Germany on 14th May 2020

    I got your mail: you produced a new Stellavox TD-9 - are you sure? I am not sure, but it seems after a long-long time you and your team are the first in this world to come back with the top-level analog tape unit. It is hard to believe. How possible? CONGRATULATIONS! This is the same challenge for a small team as landing on the moon!

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