STUDER B 67 Mk.II renovated reel-to-reel recorder

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1 unit
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1 unit
How to order:
If you are interested, send us email to or call +421905612447.

Predecessor of the popular Studer A810.

Mk.II version allows to use 1000m professional tapes (MK.I just 762m ones)
Stand-alone version for a limited space instalations.
3 speeds : 9,5 + 19 + 38 cm/s (3,34 + 7,5 + 15 ips)
Adjusted for a RTM SM 911 tape (should be re-alligned upon request to another type of tape)
Tape tension controled electronically by a tape tension rollers-a professional solution.
Digital counter

Completely refurbished:
-New bearings installed
-Recapped including the transport and audio path
-Butterfly heads in a very good condition
-Complete with tape platters,2x AEG hubs and power cord
-Other accessories upon request

STUDER B 67 Mk.II brochure

STUDER B 67 Mk.II User Manual