Studer A 764 Analog FM Tuner - used


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Tuner & Preamplifier

Basic construction of the ReVox FM tuner B260 was expanded to the STUDER A764, the most complex FM monitor system to date.

Balanced line outputs, combined with a remote control connection (RS 232). An optional unit with an RDS-ARI decoder has been developed for extensive monitoring tasks (ARI = car driver radio information).

Technical details

In addition to the raw data output for the individual use of the information available in the serial RDS data stream (time, date, etc.), five relay contacts were available for signaling the following parameters:

Detection of traffic broadcasts (ARI) and announcements
Monitoring of the transmission parameters, frequency deviation and signal strength (each with adjustable thresholds) as well as the
Modulation monitor in the event of a program failure.
In addition, the analog signals frequency deviation and signal strength were also brought out for display on external measuring instruments.

Optional remote control with alphanumeric display and serial communication that can be built into the mixer, can be used to query the station name, transmission frequency or station number for up to 60 stored station frequencies. In addition, the A764 could also be controlled from a PC on its remote control interface, e.g. for programmable sequential monitoring of several station frequencies.

The SCA extension was especially suitable for receiving broadband programs. With the STUDER A764, a completely new category of high-quality FM monitoring receivers was introduced, which left nothing to be desired in the professional portfolio.

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