Studer A807 Mk.II Standard Speed VU 1/4" stereo reel tape recorder - renovated


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Standard speed stereo version of A807 for a 1/4" tape

Optional equipment included: Higher meter bridge for additional place for other devices like remote control, etc.

Original trolley stand with rack mount for additional equipment like Dolby units. Could be changed for standard brace.
A lot of special functions like shuttle, adjustable input/output levels according the precision VU meters, tape transport memories, locators, Peak level diodes (3x for each channel).
Modern tape transport electronics allows a very quick start.
Sophisticated tape transport wit opto-sensors in each winding motor plus tape tension control sensor on the left roller.

Standard speed: 9,5 + 19 + 38 cm/s (3,75 + 7,5 + 15 ips)
Butterfly heads in a very good condition
Switchable inputs (line or microphone)
Partially recapped.
Brand new bearings installed.
Vari-speed control
NAB/CCIR switchable
Adjusted for a RTM SM911 tape, could be re-aligned upon request to another type of tape
30cm (12") tape platters included
Other accessories upon request

Studer A807 Brochure

Studer A807 MkII User manual