Studer A80R Master Tape Recorder- renovated

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Most popular Mastering Tape Recorder of all times. Studer A80 was the standard tape recorder in all major studios around the world. Tape path is designed with moving rollers and it is very tape friendly. Unique STUDER transport mechanism solution.

Allows to use the big tape platters capable of 1100 m professional tapes.

Heads in a very good condition
Partially recaped including the audio path and motor capacitors
Brand new bearings installed.
2 speeds : 19 + 38 cm/s (7,5 + 15 ips)
Edit function
Adjusted for a RTM SM 911 tape (should be re-alligned upon request to another type of tape)
Complete with tape platters,2x AEG hubs and power cord
Other accessories upon request
Could be upgraded with SEPEA audio cards

Studer A80R Service manual

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