Studer A812 Mk.II VU TC 1/4" stereo reel tape recorder - renovated

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High quality STUDER mastering studio tape recorder for a 1/4" tape

Original trolley stand with rack mount for additional equipment like Dolby units. Could be changed for standard brace.

A lot of special functions like shuttle, adjustable input/output levels according the precision VU meters, tape transport memories, locators.

Four speeds: 9,5 + 19 + 38 + 76 cm/s (3,75 + 7,5 + 15 + 30 ips)

Heads in a very good condition
Switchable inputs (line or microphone)
Partially recapped.
Brand new bearings installed.
Vari-speed control
NAB/CCIR switchable
Memory for 2 tape types
Library winding
Mk.II version with automatic slow down of winding at the end of the tape
Software version 11/91
Trafoless Line Amps (yellow)
Record Amplifiers with Dolby HX Pro
Built in test generator
Time Code version with complete cards and time code head
Adjusted for a RTM SM911 & SM900 tapes, could be re-aligned upon request for another type of tape
30cm (12") tape platters included
Other accessories upon request

Studer A812 Brochure

Studer A812 User manual