STUDER B 67 1/4 track 1/4"reel-to-reel player - renovated

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STUDER B67 1/4 track, playback only, NAB model, ideal for playback of prerecorded vintage tapes

Predecessor of the popular Studer A810.

Playback only

Stand-alone version for a limited space installations.
3 speeds : 9,5 + 19 + 38 cm/s (3,34 + 7,5 + 15 ips)
Carefully adjusted with BASF NAB calibration tape
Tape tension controlled electronically by a tape tension rollers - a professional solution.
Digital counter
Wooden side panels installed

Completely refurbished:
-New bearings installed
-Recapped including the transport and audio path
-NEW 1/4 track playback heads
-Power cord
-Other accessories upon request


Refurbished or renovated electronics we sell under no warranty, no return conditions. All buyers receive before the purchase detail photo and video documentation of the item and understand buying the item as it is.