Telefunken M15a stereo 1/4" renovated reel-to-reel tape recorder


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Professional 0,25" stereo reel-to-reel tape recorder. 

2 speeds : 19 + 38 cm/s (7,5 + 15 ips).
Variable winding speed.
Standard orientation of heads - rare on this machine type.

Proprietary Telefunken connectors replaced with standard XLR connectors.


-New bearings installed
-Fully recapped including the transport and audio path
-Brand new original Telefunken 0,75mm heads
-Repainted with special hammerite finish
-Complete with tape platters, 2x AEG hubs and power cord
-Other accessories upon request

Refurbished or renovated electronics we sell under no warranty, no return conditions. All buyers receive before the purchase detail photo and video documentation of the item and understand buying the item as it is.