A BRIEF HISTORY | Döhmann Audio

Although Mark Döhmann has been building turntables for over 35 years, it has only been relatively recently that his work has been incorporated under his own brand.

Here’s a brief history of Döhmann Audio:

2011 Let’s Start a New Project!

Mark Döhmann met with close friends Frank Schroder (tonearm designer and analogue guru) and Rumen Artarski (Thrax Audio) at the Milan Audio Show and decided to combine their creative forces and commence the design of some new analogue playback products.

2012-2015 Research & Development

Mark Döhmann spends three years researching advanced technologies that can be applied to analogue audio playback equipment. He incorporates state-of-the-art NSM (Negative Stiffness Mechanism) vibration isolation technology from Minus-K Technology USA, and utilises advanced materials science, computer finite element method modelling, precision real-time audio analysis, expertly designed electronics and highly sophisticated resonance control techniques including magnetic damping systems into the critical elements of a new turntable design.

2013 Establishment

Döhmann Audio was established in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia.

2015 Audio Union appointed as Distributor

The newly formed Audio Union is appointed as global master distributor for Döhmann Audio products.

2015 Launch of the Helix One

The Döhmann Helix One turntable was launched ahead of schedule in May 2015 at the Munich High-End show to critical acclaim. Based on its unique engineering design principles and amazing sound quality, it received a lot of attention from the public and the audio press and was reviewed by Michael Fremer in the March 2016 (Vol.40 No.3) Edition of Stereophile.

2017 Launch of the Helix Two

The Döhmann Helix Two turntable was launched May 2017 at the Munich High-End show. The Helix Two incorporated significant features of the Helix One in a smaller, self-contained footprint with the facility for a single arm using interchangeable arm boards.

The Helix Two has been reviewed as one of the best sounding turntables available by many audiophile publications.

2018 Re-structure

Following the success of the Helix One and the Helix Two models, Mark decided to re-structure the Döhmann Audio brand. In November 2018, two new Directors joined the company, bringing a new level of business experience, resources and investment to the team.

Döhmann Audio moved into new headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. The research, development and assembly of all Döhmann Audio products is now done in Australia by Mark and his technical team. The company has made a significant investment in resources in preparation for the development of upgrades and new products.

Döhmann Audio now deals directly with a carefully selected team of Distributors and Dealers around the world.

2020 Updated Models

Following two years of research & development, Döhmann Audio updates both the Helix One and the Helix Two to MkII versions. The upgrades represent a significant evolution of the models, giving them greater functionality, reliability and performance. The new Advanced Composite Armboard emerges as a milestone innovation resulting in an unprecedented sonic jump in performance.

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