Selected Tonearms for High-End vinyl record players designed by Mark Döhmann.

We carefully select and recommend best tonearms available, properly suited for Döhmann turntable chassis.

Unique and revolutionary turntables using Negative Stiffness Mechanism to isolate unwanted vibrations. Doehmann audio products received numerous reviews and are a benchmark in LP record replay systems worldwide.
"No turntable in my experience comes close to its sonic performance and you are guaranteed to hear your favorite LP’s, indeed all of your LP’s, as you’ve never before heard them – I don’t care what ‘table you use or have heard."
(Michael Fremer - STEREOPHILE)


For example, to isolate the Helix One and Helix Two turntables from ground transmitted vibration, instead of using common suspension systems based on springs, rubber, plastic, foam, air or spikes which have serious limitations, Döhmann Audio use a revolutionary Negative Stiffness Mechanism (NSM) from MinusK Technology USA who developed this isolation technology for electron and atomic force microscopy and other applications that are very sensitive to resonance. This significantly mitigates low frequency vibrations up to approx. 100Hz.