Music Recordings

Music Recordings

We create and sell High Resolution Lossless Digital Transfers made directly from Analogue Master Tapes. You can select various formats & resolutions available. Every digital rip is made separately directly from original master tape. We use VAW and AIFF file types with no up-sampling, compression or other data manipulation. Recordings are available in standard CD quality resolution as well.

We are preparing also DSD downloads, which will be available in all DSD rates.

You can download any or all of delivered formats and use them to suit your needs, preference or used streaming platform.

Sepea Audio is dedicated to High Quality Analogue Direct to Two Tracks Master Recordings. We strive about quality. To reach best quality we record 76cm/s (30ips) on ½ inch tape using Studer A80RC recorders. Whole recording chain is analog. We use Direct to Two track recording from Sonosax swiss made mixing console.

We produce and sell  Analogue music on Master reel audio tapes and Vinyl LP records.

Enjoy the music.