Music on Tapes

Music on Tapes

Sepea Audio records, produce and publish its own AAA recordings. Sepea Audio is dedicated to high quality and high resolution music recordings.

We strive about quality. To reach best quality we record 76cm/s (30ips) on ½ inch tape using Studer A80RC recorders. Whole recording chain is analog. We use Direct to Two track recording from Sonosax swiss made mixing console.

You can buy ¼ or ½ inch tapes with 38cm/s (15ips). Some recordings are available as well as 76cm/s (30ips). We offer recordings recorded according to IEC standard. We strive about convenience of choice. On request we can deliver in NAB standard. You can buy these recordings also on Vinyl or digital downloads in CD or HiRes quality.

Enjoy the music.