Music on Vinyl

Music on Vinyl

SEPEA Audio is dedicated to high quality and high resolution music recordings. We distribute music on various high resolution analogue & digital physical media as well as Hi-Res digital downloads.

You can select your favorite music from our broad catalogue of Vinyl LP records from selected labels. We hand pick audiophile level sound quality recordings.

We sell LP´s from following labels:

Acoustic Sounds, Analogphonic, Berliner Meister Schallplatten, Connaisseur, Fonè Records, Gramola, Image hifi, Intervention Records, Khiov Music, MoFi, Original Recordings Group Music, Pure Pleasure, Sam Records, SEPEA audio, Speakers Corner, Tacet, Warner Music,

We strive about quality. We deliver analog music on reel tapes, vinyl, SACD and downloadable high resolution digital music.