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The wonderful sound of vinyl… Those grooves contain so much beauty, we feel compelled to do whatever we can to retrieve it.

We are a team of music lovers and vinyl fanatics. Our enjoyment of music and its most accurate reproduction led us to meet, become close friends and ultimately, to the formation of Döhmann Audio in 2013.

A lot of people have told us that Döhmann Audio represents a specific way of thinking….. Find the best way of doing something, irrespective of what ‘everyone else is doing’ and apply the best available technology to analogue audio solutions. It is true that we have this approach, but the secret to creating ultimate sounding analogue equipment is not just about the technology. It’s about working with the right people.

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Although Mark Döhmann has been building turntables for over 35 years, it has only been relatively recently that his work has been incorporated under his own brand.

Here’s a brief history of Döhmann Audio


For example, to isolate the Helix One and Helix Two turntables from ground transmitted vibration, instead of using common suspension systems based on springs, rubber, plastic, foam, air or spikes which have serious limitations, Döhmann Audio use a revolutionary Negative Stiffness Mechanism (NSM) from MinusK Technology USA who developed this isolation technology for electron and atomic force microscopy and other applications that are very sensitive to resonance. This significantly mitigates low frequency vibrations up to approx. 100Hz.


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The analogue audio market has undergone a significant renaissance in the last 15 years. Contrary to the predicted demise of the turntable heralded by the release of the Sony CDP-101 in 1982, the analogue market has withstood the test of time and has seen steady growth since 2000.

Each form of media, digital or analogue, is a facsimile of the original performance. No media is truly inclusive of every detail of the performance. However, from a sound quality perspective, the question is are we extracting all the available information from the media?

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