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The wonderful sound of vinyl… Those grooves contain so much beauty, we feel compelled to do whatever we can to retrieve it.

We are a team of music lovers and vinyl fanatics. Our enjoyment of music and its most accurate reproduction led us to meet, become close friends and ultimately, to the formation of Döhmann Audio in 2013.

A lot of people have told us that Döhmann Audio represents a specific way of thinking….. Find the best way of doing something, irrespective of what ‘everyone else is doing’ and apply the best available technology to analogue audio solutions. It is true that we have this approach, but the secret to creating ultimate sounding analogue equipment is not just about the technology. It’s about working with the right people.

We are blessed to have a wonderful team of inspiring, talented and innovative thinkers who are simply amazing at what they do. Starting from concept & design, right through to research, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, logistics, dealer support and ultimately customer satisfaction, we work within a culture of constant improvement. We’re driven by the idea that our best work is born from passion, diligence, craftsmanship and fun.

We are appreciative to have received such strong acknowledgement from the world’s audio press for our work but even more satisfying is that our customers constantly tell us that they have finally experienced ultimate enjoyment of their vinyl record collection. We thank all of our friends, partners and team members who have helped us achieve such great results. In particular, we’d like you to meet our three Directors.

Mark Döhmann


(Director of Design & Systems Architecture)

They say that when you are born with a passion for music, you can’t escape it. This is certainly true for Mark Döhmann, who’s lifelong love of music and audio design has led him on an interesting journey. A keen student of analogue systems, Mark began servicing and repairing turntables in the 1970’s. After working as an Engineer and Reliability Analyst for an Australian Airline in the 1980’s, Mark eventually began building his own turntables. He teamed up with a close friend and together, they built their first turntable called the “CONTINUUM” by Döhmann and Gusew.

Over the ensuing years, Mark worked on many ‘ultimate’ turntable designs for a variety of projects and developed a global reputation for being an innovator who produces design solutions that have never been applied to turntable design before, including engineering/materials innovations and new technologies around isolation & resonance mitigation.

In 2015, Mark launched the HELIX ONE turntable under his own brand at the Munich High-End show to critical acclaim and the Helix One has since been universally considered by the audio press and experienced audiophile customers as being in the top echelon of players available at any price.

In 2018, Mark won the Sound and Vision magazine Lifetime Achievement award for services to Analogue and Industry. With the new structure at Döhmann Audio, Mark can now solely focus on his vision – raising the bar for what is possible in contemporary analogue audio design.


George Moraitis


(Director of Sales & Marketing)

One of George’s first childhood memories was the joy of listening to his father play guitar. With a professional guitarist father and a folk-singer mother, there was almost a feeling of inevitability that George would have a strong connection to music in his life.

After studying science and an initial career as a commercial pilot, eventually George realised his passion for business and in 1996, founded what was to become one of Australia’s largest electrical businesses. Since that time, George has started or developed numerous businesses in a variety of sectors, including electrical engineering, online health, trade services and energy. He also served on the Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for almost seven years (three years as its Chairman).

As Döhmann Audio’s Director of Sales & Marketing, George brings this experience to the high-end audio industry. “One of my favourite things is to play music for people – it drives my family & friends crazy! To have an opportunity to create analogue systems that take music reproduction to new levels of realism is rare and exciting. I am driven to give our customers the same joy that I feel when dropping the needle at home.”

Jim Angelopoulos


(Director of Operations)

As a teenager, Jim remembers the usual Saturday routine of catching the train to the city record store, hanging out with friends exploring new music, then coming home in the afternoon with virtually all his pocket money spent on a bag of records.

After graduating with an Engineering degree, Jim’s career has spanned a number of varied industries, including construction, property development, electrical product distribution, health & fitness and gas & oil exploration. Despite his busy schedule of managing businesses in both Australia and the USA, Jim is passionate about the products that Döhmann Audio develops for the audiophile & music appreciation global communities.

“I feel very fortunate to be part of this exciting team. There are good reasons why vinyl record playback has had such a successful revival – it just sounds amazing! There’s an addictive culture of innovation here at Döhmann Audio, new ideas, new ways of thinking, new technologies and I love watching the reactions people have when hearing a Döhmann turntable for the first time.”

Hamish Kirkpatrick


(Sales Manager)

Hamish’s introduction to the musical world started very early in life. His mother was a singer in a band that toured internationally, so music and a turntable were always at the heart of the family home. Growing up in a town that has its own distinct signature sound (The Dunedin Sound) influenced Hamish’s musical ear and led to a deeper appreciation of music. With over two decades of experience in sales and management, Hamish oversees Döhmann Audio’s customer experiences and equipment recommendations. Hamish relishes the opportunity to serve Döhmann Audio’s clients and assist them to achieve a greater enjoyment of their analog systems. He has extensive experience with all technologies and is perpetually searching for ways to improve & support our clients’ experiences of their music systems.

Anthony Camplone


(Operations Manager)

Having worked for a major record label in the past placed Anthony in a great position to service the needs of Döhmann’s clients as our Operations Manager. Anthony is a real connoisseur of music, having collected a rather substantial record collection over the years and constantly sparking music conversation among the Döhmann team.

Overseeing Döhmann’s day to day operations ranging from admin, purchasing, logistics, accounts, and digital marketing, Anthony brings with him experience in customer service, a broad range of knowledge in all things audio and an unbridled enthusiasm for helping clients achieve great satisfaction with their audio system experiences. Armed with an infectious smile and a deep understanding of music and hi-fi systems, Anthony works tirelessly to serve the interests of our valued clients.

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