Music Downloads

Music Downloads

Sepea Audio is dedicated to high quality and high resolution music recordings. We produce, record and distribute music on various high resolution physical media as well as HiRes digital downloads.

You can buy or download whole Gramola label catalogue as well as our own AAA Sepea Audio recordings. More labels, music and formats to come in the near future.

We strive about quality. We deliver analog music on reel tapes and vinyl and downloadable digital music in CD and high resolution formats. Lowest digital quality we offer is cd quality. HiRes downloads are offered in highest quality commercially accepted format according to available source. If the recording was recorded in 24b/96kHz we offer this format. We never upsample source music. Where possible, we use multiples of CD sampling rate (88,2kHz and 176,4kHz) for better sound. We are preparing also DSD downloads wich will be available in all current DSD rates.

Sepea Audio Original Master Recordings digital downloads are transfered from AAA Direct to Two Tracks tape masters recorded 76cm/s (30ips) on ½ inch tape using Studer A80RC recorders and whole analog recording chain.

We strive about convenience of choice. If you buy music in particular digital quality, we will offer you album in several formats of same resolution (WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC). Shown price in our store often includes up to 4 different formats of the same album. You can download any or all of delivered formats and use them to suit your needs, preference or used streaming platform.

Enjoy the music.

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