TAPE - Anxanum - Andrea Castelfranato

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2x 1/4 RTM SM900 Tape set, Metal reel 10,5"/265mm, NAB Hub, 38 cm/s (15 ips), IEC eq."
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Fonè 204
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fonè by Signoricci
Giulio Cesare Ricci, founder and president of the Audiophile Productions/ fonè, began professionally recording his albums recorded with analog systems in 1983 and continues to do so today.

HIS ANALOG RECORDERS are: Nagra 4s, Studer c37, Ampex ATR 102
- Each tape is recorded in real time - Duration 30 minutes
- Unique piece - Tape: SM900 - RMG - 1/4 inch - Eq : IEC
- Speed: 15 ips (38.1 cm/s)
- Reel Size : 26.5 cm reel with metal flange
- Tape Source: Ampex ATR 102-1/2 inch - 30 ips (76 cm/s)
- Tape Recorder : Nagra 4s - 1/4 inch - 15 ips (38.1 cm/s)
- Mastering Personnel : Giulio Cesare Ricci in person realizes all the phases.

The original Master read by an Ampex ATR 102-1/2 inch - 30 ips (76 cm/s) is transferred in real time on a Nagra 4s - 1/4 inch - 15 ips (38.1 cm/s). The tape used is an RTM SM900 - 1/4 inch reel with metal flange 26.5 cm. The recorded tape is contained in a cardboard box which has a graphic personalization front/back with the indication of the music, performers and technical notes. The box containing “ANALOG MASTER TAPES - fonè by Signoricci “ is packed in a protective clear plastic bag with releasable adhesive closure.


Louisiana Blues Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 2’58”
Kiitos Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 3’40”
I remember you Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 4’02”
Get Back John Lennon/Paul Mc Cartney acoustic guitar 3’19”
Isole Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 2’53”
Sweet little town Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 2’47”
Memories Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 4’14”
Fields of gold Sting nylon guitar 3’49”



Mediterranean sundance Al Di Meola nylon guitar 6’19”
Guarda che luna Fred Buscaglione nylon guitar 5’18”
Quando Pino Daniele nylon guitar 3’33”
Vola vola canto popolare abruzzese nylon guitar 4’11”
Aria di te Fausto Mesolella nylon guitar 2’36”

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