TAPE - Gösta Rundquist Trio, Treecircle

OPUS3 records

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AMC 19801x
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2x Reel Tape 1/4inch two track, 38 cm/s (15 ips), standard white box with title tag, OPUS3 CD booklet inside
AMC 19801x
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A record is born of dreams and hopes. As a musician, one constantly wants to go further or deeper, unfold and evolve, renew the power of expression, the interplay, the dynamics, the flow.

The dream is to find musicians with whom
you can experiment and find your way together with. Three individual voices becoming a trio - a single entity.
The dream is that the recording situation itself contributes by being a real spiritual encounter. The dream of a concert hall with
good natural acoustics and an excellent grand piano.
The dream of recording without acoustic panels and separate rooms, multiple microphones, mixer-board and reverb units.
The dream is of direct eye- and earcontact between the musicians, here and now, throughout the recording session.

Includes: For Heavens Sake, Falling Grace, A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing,
Turn Out The Stars, The Meaning Of The Blues, How My Heart Sings.


1. For Heavens Sake
2. Falling Grace
3. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
4. Gosta's Waltz
5. Turn Out to The Stars
6. The Meaning of The Blues
7. Hannimood
8. Treecircle
9. Walkabout Thoughts
10. How My Heart Sings

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