Andrea Castelfranato: Duende live - LP 180g Vinyl, Limited to 496, Japan pressing

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1x LP Vinyl, Limited to 496, Japan pressing, Heavy Quality Sleeves Pack, Tube Processed Analog Master, Natural Sound Recording, Pure Analogue Recording, Pressed in Japan, One-Stage Pressing
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01.01.2020 in Italy
Andrea Castelfranato
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ANDREA CASTELFRANATO acoustic guitar - nylon guitar - fingerstyle

Pure Analogue Recording, Pure Analogue Cutting, One-Stage Pressing Process, 180gr. Virgin Vinyl Pressing, Heavy Quality Sleeves, 33rpm, Tube Processed Analog Master, HiFi Reference

Printed in USA, Limited Edition 496 copies

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This album is part of the recordings I made on the occasion of the concerts of the 1st edition of the fonè Music Festival Piaggio 2019.
The concerts organized by Giulio Cesare Ricci were held at the Piaggio Auditorium located inside the famous Museum in Pontedera, the place where Piaggio was born and where it still continues to produce today.
Inside the Museum every year the public from all over the world can admire the Piaggio production made over the years, all the models of the Vespa and Ape, all the Aprilia, Gilera and Moto Guzzi motorcycles that have won national and international awards over time.
For each recording Giulio Cesare Ricci brought all his equipment both analog (Ampex ATR 102 Electronic Tube Ampex Model 351-1965, 2 tracks, 1/2 inch, 30ips modified by David Manley) and digital (Pyramix Recorder, dCS A/D and D/A converters).
As for the microphones he used his original collection of Neumann U47, U48, M49 in addition to the mike pre-amplifier and Signoricci cables.
This is because Giulio Cesare Ricci has always made two Masters for each recording, analog master for Vinyl and digital master DSD for SuperAudioCD.
For the production of this Super Audiophile Vinyl he used the analog master.
The mastering for Vinyl was made by Giulio Cesare Ricci using Signoricci's analog and valve system.
Also for this recording he used a "field effect" recording technique, natural sound, without the use of equalizers, no sound expansion and compression systems..... all this to bring the listener to live again in his home hifi system, the live effect as if he were present at the concert.
After the success of the Anxanum album, Andrea Castelfranato again in the fonè catalog with an album recorded live by Giulio Cesare Ricci on the occasion of the fonè Music Festival Piaggio 2019.
Live, the artist played some new songs including Frammenti di conchiglia, Acquamarina, Selam, Solitude etc ...
Among the pieces we find "La prima cosa bella" by Nicola Di Bari, a great classic of Italian song.
The album ends with the encore of the concert with The Pink Panther by Henry Mancini entering into The Pink Panther collection that Giulio Cesare Ricci has been recording in these years.
Also in this album Andrea Castelfranato shows a mastering of the acoustic guitar and nylon guitar that he plays with great technique and great virtuosity.
A live with great pathos that will be very nice to be able to listen to in Super Audiophile Vinyl fonè.
Great realism, great dynamics, great music ... an album not to be missed !!
Each listener, closing his eyes, will be able to relive the emotion of the live as if he were present at the exhibition of this great artist.

Acquamarina Andrea Castelfranato, nylon guitar 5'26"
Frammenti di conchiglia Andrea Castelfranato, nylon guitar 7'10"
Trem das onze Adoniran Barbosa, nylon guitar 3'12"
Appassionata Andrea Castelfranato, nylon guitar 5'26"

Total Time 21'15"

La prima cosa bella Nicola Di Bari, nylon guitar 3'51"
Timeless Andrea Castelfranato, acoustic guitar 4'22"
Selam Andrea Castelfranato, nylon guitar 5'39"
Solitude Andrea Castelfranato, nylon guitar 2'49"
The Pink Panther Henry Mancini, nylon guitar 2'24"

Total Time 19'05"

Conceived, recorded and produced by Giulio Cesare Ricci
Recorded at Auditorium Museo Piaggio
Pontedera 6 Aprile 2019
Recording assistant: Paola Liberato
Valve microphones: Neumann U47, U48, M49
Mike pre-amplifiers, cables (line, microphone, supply): Signoricci
Photos by Andrea Manno

Il Master è stato realizzato con l'Ampex ATR 102 (Electronic Tube Ampex Model 351 - 1965) 2 tracks, 1/2 inch  30ips modificato da David Manley.

La masterizzazione per il Vinile è stata effettuata da Giulio Cesare Ricci utilizzando il sistema Signoricci interamente analogico e valvolare.

** check "one by one", visual check of flatness, search for any scratches, stains, etc. and sample listening tests.
** Wonderful covers, out of standard, of rare beauty, kind "Old Style" Tip-On and Old Style Gatefold Jackets, with heavy weights and 8-color print quality!

Vinyl records carry warranty of 2 years if treated properly. More info find here. No returns of used product.