Burson Audio cooperation

Burson Audio cooperation

Posted by Bohuslav Kremský on 20th May 2020

In an effort to constantly improve the sound quality of our products, we have initiated cooperation with the Australian company Burson Audio, which is worldwide acclaimed for the production of very good sounding opamp modules, which replace the commonly used solution in one IC.

Burson Audio deliver several types of discrete or hybrid solutions that replace conventional opamp ic to improve space delivery, accuracy and overall sound reproduction.

We are currently working on integrating these modules into all models of our SEPEA upgrade cards for STUDER A80 (with or without transformer, with or without Bias-trap). However, the original cards will still remain in our product range.

Another space for sound improvement is the upgrade of audio cards in the Stellavox TD9 recorder. After implementation of Burson opamps, we will also offer to our customers sound enhancements for older cards, which they will be able to send for upgrades.