New Stellavox TD9 R2R Tape Recorder YouTube Espisode

New Stellavox TD9 R2R Tape Recorder YouTube Espisode

Posted by Bohuslav Kremský on 1st Feb 2022

We have posted the third part of the  Stellavox TD9 basic features video series (showing particular benefits of this extraordinary professional reel-to-reel recorder made by SEPEA audio).

This video episode explains the difference between German & International (American) tape and heads orientation with a short trip to history. Stellavox has solved this technical problem by using different tape paths for each tape orientation. Therefore there is no need to rewind or twist the tape

The Stellavox TD9 is considered the best tape recorder ever made and has become a legend. Due to the high price, which was caused by the complexity of the technical solution and the precision of hand-made Swiss production, only a few hundred pieces were produced.

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