Bryston PS-3 External DC Regulated Power Supply


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Multipin power supply connector
Superbly well regulated external Bryston power supply
5 Years
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PS-3 DC Regulated Power Supply

How important is the power supply to audio equipment? After all, amplified audio is nothing more than modulated power from the wall that's been rectified, filtered, and smoothed along the way. Bryston's quest to make the perfect power supply has resulted in two models-the PS-3 and MPS-2. Each is an ideal DC power supply to attached equipment giving them smooth, clean, DC power to modulate with incoming audio. These are mandatory power supplies for some equipment we manufacture and are not intended for use with other gear.


  • The Bryston BP-2 with the PS-3 external power supply, at $2700 for the combo, is a steal in my opinion. Call us crazy, but we feel it competes with far more expensive phono stages especially where a good part of the price is allocated to big, impressive enclosures, and quasi-exotic parts in non critical areas. (Fair Hedon) Read Review...


  • Powers select Bryston equipment such as BP-2 phono stage, BP-26 preamplifier and others.
  • Single output
  • Small 1/3rd width chassis makes for easy placement
  • Superbly well regulated and isolates attached equipment from PSU noise.
  • Highly cost effective


  • Silver or black faceplate
5 Years