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1x CD, From original analog masters (AAA)
2xHD Fusion Cat#:
2022 in Canada
Robert Len
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Composer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Len returns with Help! This is a new Stereo DXD recording made at Studio Apollonia in Winnipeg, Canada that explores his modern, musical journey on the theme of Mother Earth. 

Help! highlights Len’s musical influences from the worlds of Jazz, Classical, Orchestral, and New Age music.  These genres are fused in a profoundly deep melodic voyage. Close your eyes and let yourself be transported and enveloped by love and tenderness.

All Instruments on Help! are Played by Robert Len
Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitars, Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Native American Drum, Triangle, Moseno, Dudek, Handpan, Floor Tom with Brushes, Shekera, Low Whistle, Tar, Chajchas, Wind, Darbouka, Shaker


1. Mother Earth 03:40
2. Concierto de Aranjuez (adagio) 03:12
3. A Farewell 02:56
4. Pavane pour une infante défunte 03:05
5. Help! 02:55
6. Calling you 03:55
7. All Is Not Lost 03:06
8. The Joke 02:49
9. Alone 02:55
10. The Sound of Silence 03:37
11. In the Moment 03:23
12. Until My Last Breath 05:36

Total time: 00:41:09

2xHD Technical Information

At 2xHD we always use the original master tape for the transfer to your vinyl.

All transfer pollution which may be caused by cabling, audio consoles, electrical interference, and amplifiers, are eliminated in the 2xHD chain as we dig into the original recording, using more sophisticated power supplies, cables, etc. These procedures help lower tape noise at the lowest spectrum and bring out the second harmonics warmth associated with analog recordings, creating a fresh, new, yet authentic version of the original recording. We call the procedure ‘back to the future technology’. 

A World of Music on Reel Tape at Your Fingertips

The 2xHD proprietary mastering provides a unique listening experience as the process digs deep in original recordings to bring out all hidden information, without altering the music in any way, uncovering, and bringing out nuances, warmth, depth of field and even the air around the musicians.

Pure analog transfer from the original master tape. Audiotapes from 2xHD guarantees that ultimate quality is preserved from the original master. 

Based in Montreal and created by audiophile sound engineer René Laflamme and producer André Perry. All 2xHD recordings are made from the original analog master and transfer in analog domain using a Nagra-T tape recorder, modified with high-end tube playback electronics, wired from the playback head. In the high-end audio world, René has carved out a reputation for the definition of excellence and uses his knowledge and unfailing instinct to match various audio components to create the best all-encompassing sound experience. The company plans to release a new title every 2 months.

Audiophile quality microphone designer and 40 times winner of “Best sound in the show” at high-end audio equipment conventions, Laflamme uses his knowledge and unfailing instinct to match various audio components to create the best all-encompassing sound experience. The exclusive 2xHD system is the fruit of Laflamme’s total experience and imagination. Music on reel-to-reel tape from the original analogue master.

CD recordings carry 2 year warranty if treated properly. No returns of used product.

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