B.B. Driftwood, Southward Bound (1x Hybrid SACD stereo)

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1x Hybrid SACD stereo
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He has filmed in Africa, he has a godfather in Havana, he spent four years recording with drummer Olle Romo and Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) in London and Cannes and he has played with and been inspired by local musicians in the Caribbean and South America.

In a broad sense his music belongs to the blues genre and is a mix of soul , gospel , blues and country sometimes spiced with Cuban and Brazilian rythms. With his smoky vocals this becomes a very soulfull expression. His lyrics are drawn from his personal treasure chest of experience and deal with subjects like love, longing, loss and joy .
With these world class musicians by his side, all you can do ( as I did so many times during the recordings of Southward bound ) is sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the colours.

B.B. Driftwood - lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, harmonica.
Per Lindvall
 - drums and percussion
Staffan Astner
 - acoustic and electric guitars
Sebastian Notini
 - percussion
Max Schultz - acoustic and electric guitars
Paris Renita - backing vocals
Gunnar M Lidström - electric guitars
Monica Törnkvist - backing vocals
Eric Bibb - 12-stringed acoustic guitar
Sylver Logan Sharp - backing vocals
Johan Lindström - pedal steel, lap steel
Daryl Hunt - backing vocals, organ
Sven Lindvall - upright bass
Maria Winther - backing vocals
Peter Forss - upright bass, fiddle
Oscar Skogholt - backing vocals
Cecilia Skogholt - backing vocals

01. Southward Bound 3´44
02. She Shines 2´43
03. Adrift 3´55
04. Sweet Elisbeth 3´07
05. A Way To Celebrate 3´16
06. Close To The Sun 3´16
07.Strange 4´01
08. Indian Summer 3´10
09. Love Must Prevail 3´37
10. Shady Tree 2´40
11. Old Crazy Heart 3´33
12. Aliki Moonlight 3´07

All songs written by Bengt "B.B. Driftwood" Skogholt

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