Tommy Schneider & Friends: The Best Of - Metal Reel 1/4" 38cm/s (15ips) Tape, LPR90

Horch House

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1x Metal Reel Tape, LPR90, Deluxe Pack, Standard Master Copy, Metal NAB reel 265mm (10.5inch), 1/4inch RTM LPR90 tape, IEC eq., 320nWb/m
Tape Speed:
38cm/s (15ips)
Tape Width:
1/4 inch
Reel Type:
Metal Reel
Horch House Cat#:
1.3.2024 in Germany
Original Release:
2019 Label Kolibri Records Cat# 19002
Tommy Schneider & Friends
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The analog tape featuring: Adrian Stern - Hans Peter Bartsch - Philippe Chretin - Massimo Buonanno

Saxophone: Philippe Chrétien
Organ [Hammond B3], Flute, Piano [Rhodes], Percussion: Tommy Schneider
Guitar, Percussion: Adrian Stern
Drums, Percussion: Hans Peter Bartsch
Recorded by Ralph Zund
Mastertape copy on recorders: Playback Studer A80R to Recording on Telefunken M15A with International Tape Path.
The Reel Tape Recording Featuring: Adrian Stern, Philippe Chretien, Massimo Buonanno
Both the Swiss Jazz musician Tommy Schneider and Brian Auger continue the tradition of the great Jimmy Smith on the Hammond Organ. Tommy released together with superb soloists three albums with groovy and warm sounds from blues, soul and swing, funk and latino with rock elements from their guitar player.

The current master reel tape is pure high-fidelity analog recordings with a great sound experience. Extremely Exceptional Audiophile Sound - Limited Quantities Release. Master Quality Reel To Reel Tape - Exceptional Audiophile Sound as close to the Original Master Reference Quality as possible.
Master Tape Copy Available In Format: 15ips, ¼" и 7.5ips, ¼" as CCIR Equalization Only. Mastering the tape with Telefunken M10a V86/87 great sound and fantastic music. Highest studio quality 2 track at 38cm/sec (15" per sec.), on one 10.5" reel. These are transferred at the original Master tape speed and offer the original studio sound as the musicians and engineers heard it.

The Master Tape Produced by Tommy Schneider, Jueg Schopper, and Doris Schalch


1   Plan B  2:48
2   Ain't No Sunshine  8:10
3   One Way To Peseux  3:24
4   The Hidden Port  4:53
5   Take Five  6:02
6   Main Station  3:46
7   Dance In The Rain Forest  3:32
8   Move  3:31


Recording information:

Title: The Best Of
Artist: Tommy Schneider & Friends
Genre: Jazz
Media: 1x 1/4" Metal Reel Tape Stereo 38cm/s (15ips), LPR90, . Standard Master Copy, Metal NAB reel 265mm (10.5"), 1/4" RTM LPR90 tape, IEC eq., 320nWb/m
Label: Horch House
Cat#: HH05.00.236
Released: 1.3.2024 in Germany
Original release: 2019 by Kolibri Records 19002

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