Beat Beat Beat - Metal Reel 1/4" 38cm/s (15ips) Tape, LPR90

Horch House

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1x Metal Reel Tape, LPR90, Deluxe Pack, Standard Master Copy, Metal NAB reel 265mm (10.5inch), 1/4inch RTM LPR90 tape, IEC eq., 320nWb/m
Tape Speed:
38cm/s (15ips)
Tape Width:
1/4 inch
Reel Type:
Metal Reel
Horch House Cat#:
in Germany
Original Release:
Label Triston Masters
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This album was released as an LP on the Elite Special label (SOLP-S-33-250 Stereo) in 1965. This tape release is copied directly from the original Turicaphon master tape. Unusually, it is a true stereo recording.
Excellent quality and selection of the popular beats of the 60s.

Never before has been published on analog tape "Various – Beat Beat Beat"! You can hear 1965 Progressive Rock songs - a rare, killer beat/garage song from '65 featuring The Eyes, The Golfs, The Liverpool Beats, The Rollicks, The Progressives and others. Original recording released in the year 1965 by Turicaphon AG.

1. The Eyes – Baby, Baby
2. The Eyes – Another Saturday Night
3. The Golfs – Bread And Butter
4. The Liverpool Beats – Walkin' The Dog
5. The Progressives – She Said Yeah
6. The Progressives – Matchbox
7. The Progressives – Hurtin' Inside
8. The Rollicks – Rosalie Come Back To Me
9. The Leeanjeans – A Hard Days Night
10. The Rollers – Jack The Ripper
11. The Rollicks – You Better Move On
12. The Leeanjeans – Run Away
13. The Rollicks – Sweet Little Rock And Roller
14. The Progressives – Ain't Got You

Original Recordings Release Year: 1965 Made in Switzerland - Turicaphon AG
Produced by Juerg Schopper

All tracks are Star-Club recording:

The Eyes = The Eyes
The Golfs = The Cricket Show Band
The Liverpool Beats = The Four Renders
The Progressives = The Black Devils
The Rollicks = The Rollicks
The Leanjeans = The Rivets
The Rollers = Shorty & Them

Recording information:

Title: Beat Beat Beat
Genre: Pop-Rock
Media: 1x 1/4" Metal Reel Tape Stereo 38cm/s (15ips), LPR90, . Standard Master Copy, Metal NAB reel 265mm (10.5"), 1/4" RTM LPR90 tape, IEC eq., 320nWb/m
Label: Horch House
Cat#: HH05.00.224
Original release: by Triston Masters

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