Yello: Stella - Metal Reel 1/4" 38cm/s (15ips) Tape, RTM LPR90

Horch House

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1x Metal Reel Tape, RTM LPR90, Box Set Pack, Standard Master Copy, Metal reel, 1/4inch, 15ips, RTM LPR90, 320 nWb, Yello printed Archive box - Yello slipcase and folder with extensive supplements.
Tape Speed:
38cm/s (15ips)
Tape Width:
1/4 inch
Reel Type:
Metal Reel
Horch House Cat#:
3.4.2024 in Germany
Original Release:
1985 Label Vertigo Cat# 822 820-1
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It starts with the album STELLA.

We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to our collection: the highly anticipated re-release of the iconic album "Stella" from the renowned band Yello, now available on Metal Reel (1/4" 38cm/s, 15ips) Tape Copies crafted by the Horch House! Dive into the timeless beats and electrifying melodies of Yello's masterpiece with the unparalleled sound quality that only reel tapes can deliver. Experience music like never before, as every note and rhythm comes to life in stunning clarity and richness. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of music history and elevate your listening experience to new heights!

Horch House makes history with YELLO and offers the analogue music work of Boris Blank and Dieter Meier on tape for the first time. A total of five top albums by YELLO will be made available in stages.

YELLO celebrated their global breakthrough in 1985 with their fourth longplayer "Stella", with which Dieter Meier and Boris Blank shot to the top of the Swiss charts - making them the first local band to reach number 1 in the Swiss charts. In Germany, the album reaches 6th place in the charts and is honoured with a gold record. While YELLO had previously been treated as a well-kept insider tip, the entire pop world now focussed on the Zurich duo. With the mega-hit "Oh Yeah", YELLO left their mark on international pop culture for the first time: after the song, which was not originally planned as a single, entered the international charts, the hype took on a life of its own when "Oh Yeah" was featured on the soundtrack of the cinema blockbusters "Ferris macht blau" (1986) and "Das Geheimnis meines Erfolges" (1987), inspiring a worldwide audience of millions. To this day, the song can be heard at regular intervals in cinema and TV productions such as "The Simpsons" and countless commercials.

Yello printed Archive box - Yello slipcase and folder with extensive supplements.


"Boris played me an instrumental that I couldn't think of anything to play," remembers Dieter Meier. "He asked me to imagine sitting on a beach while the sun goes down, the first martini is served and you slowly fall asleep. That's how the exclamation 'Oh yeah' came about - probably the shortest Dadaist text in the history of pop music. When I enter America, I'm always asked at customs if I've published anything well-known when I say 'musician'. I always answer 'Oh yeaaaaaaaaah' and can usually go through straight away..."

yello-stella-2x-metal-reel-quarter-inch-38cm-s-15ips-tape-rtm-sm900-horch-house-hh0100238-6.jpg yello-stella-metal-reel-quarter-inch-38cm-s-15ips-tape-rtm-lpr90-horch-house-hh0500238-7.jpg




  1. Desire

  2. Vicious Games

  3. Oh Yeah

  4. Desert Inn

  5. Stalakdrama

  6. Koladi Ola


  1. Domingo

  2. Sometimes (Dr. Hirsch)

  3. Let Me Cry

  4. Ciel Ouvert

  5. Angel No

Recording information:

Title: Stella
Artist: Yello
Genre: Pop-Rock
Media: 1x 1/4" Metal Reel Tape Stereo 38cm/s (15ips), RTM LPR90, . Standard Master Copy, Metal reel, 1/4", 15ips, RTM LPR90, 320 nWb, Yello printed Archive box - Yello slipcase and folder with extensive supplements.
Label: Horch House
Cat#: HH05.00.238
Released: 3.4.2024 in Germany
Original release: 1985 by Vertigo 822 820-1
EAN: 4262473350198

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Yello - Oh Yeah

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