Peder Af Ugglas: Autumn Shuffle - Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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1x Hybrid SACD, Playable on SACD player or standard CD player
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2004 in Sweden
Peder Af Ugglas
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Quote from Svenska Dagbladet

 "The opening bars remind us of Ry Cooder's version of Dark End of the Street. Soon the melody undergoes a change, but with the same very rich and lyrical slide-tone, the same richly charged beauty.

 Also Peder af Ugglas moves equally unerringly and tastefully between the various styles.  He develops a blues-saturated tonal picture in Wino's Dance without slide.  With the electric slide, smartly used wah wah-pedal and heavy organ-chords he performs a freely flowing blues in Central South. Otherwise he moves freely between delta-blues and Gospel, occasionally spiced with New Orleans.

 But af Ugglas guitar playing puts music at the centre.  The tone is warm and full, sometimes rich, his solos precisely expressive, and the Spanish guitar in Passion is so soft and passionate that time stands still.  Then the supreme moment is near."



Starting at an early age Peder taught himself boogie-woogie on piano later turning to classical music. However the call of rock and jazz became predominant with the music of Louis Armstrong, Jan Johansson and the Rolling Stones among the main sources of his inspiration.

Later the guitar became his main instrument. Nevertheless, all types of keyboards and piano continues to play a significant role in his musical productions.
He has worked together with many prominent Swedish artists, including Louise Hoffsten, Anders Widmark, Stefan Sundström and Sara Isaksson, producing several of Stefan's albums and Sara's latest. He also played in the Bob Manning band for a number of years


For about the last ten years he has composed the music for exhibitions of the work of artists Christer Themptander and Hasse Lindroth, as well as composing music for both cinema and television films. His approach to his own music is characterized and very much influenced by impressions and experiences, atmosphere and feelings.

Listen to music samples

      01. Harvest Song

       02. Wino's Dance

      03. Autumn Shuffle
      04. Central South
       06. Last Call
     09. I Sold My Boat
       10. Stockholm
     12. Strife Within  


01. Harvest Song 4´47
02. Wino's Dance 5´21
03. Autumn Shuffle 4´47
04. Central South 5´11
05. Passion 3´27
06. Last Call 3´51
07. Far Away 4´15
08. Dawn 3´07
09. I Sold My Boat 2´35
10. Stockholm 4´27
11. Passing By 1´54
12. Strife Within 4´39
13. A Hymn 4´36

Peder af Ugglas: Electric guitars & slide, acoustic guitars & slide, mandolin electric bass, keyboards, cümbüs percussion and piano
Malte Sjöstrand: Hammond B3 and Fender Rhodes
Henrik Wartel: Drums and percussion
Bo Nordenfeldt: Upright bass
Patrik Silvereke: Accordion
Dave Wilczewski: Tenor sax
Lars Höbinger: Trombone
Björn Hamrin: Harmonica
Mattias Wager: Organ (Hedvig Eleonoras Church in Stockholm)

All songs composed and arranged by Peder af Ugglas



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  • 5
    A Tone and Touch Like Mick Taylor

    Posted by QIOMD on 23rd Nov 2021

    Very mellow version of the Mick Taylor tone & style with the early-mid 70's stones. Not jazz, not rock, but clearly makes it to a 5 star rating based on his musicianship as well as the audiophile quality of the recording.

  • 5
    Truly musical, well recorded, and pressed

    Posted by Woot on 23rd Nov 2021

    Truly a masterful electric blues LP! EVERY song is a winner. This LP sounds fresh and original. I have the SACD also. Get it while you can.