Acon 1022B 2-way Active Bi-Amp Monitor Speakers (1 pair) - used

Acon Professional

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2-way active, closed box, studio monitor with built in power amplifiers and active electronic phase-corrected crossover 24dB/oct.

Bass extension is achieved via electronic Linkwitz type correction and the loudspeakers has frequency spectrum from 35Hz.

This active monitor is designed for near field use for radio or tv, digital esditing rooms, dubbing studios and other post-production stations. It fits desk, the mixing console top or shelf use even in demanding residential HiFi applications in smaller spoaces or as rear speakers of a home cinema.

A selection of precise drivers, phase-corrected crossover, high quality separate power amplifiers for each driver and sufficient power headroom ensure high quality monitoring of the most demanding music material.

Features balance and unbalanced inputs and main level control.

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