EMT 981 Professional CD Player - refurbished


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Renovated by SEPEA audio.

A CD player developed for professionals.

Equipped with track / index selector by track dial, direct skip during performance is possible.
In addition, it is equipped with a CUE search dial and CUE button that can set the start position accurately with one frame precision.

It is equipped with program performance functions such as AUTO CUE, which can automatically store the starting position of performance, GOTO, LOOP, and optional section REPEAT. Up to four types of memory sets are available.

Equipped with ON LINE (on-air) mode, all controls other than memory are automatically locked to prevent malfunction.

Equipped with a monitor speaker, it can be used for pre-listening, etc.
The speaker amplifier is equipped with a compressor switch so that you can listen to the low-level signal by increasing it.

Equipped with a headphone port and a monitor output port.

The VARISPEED knob allows you to vary the rotational speed of the disc within ± 10%.
Normal speed can be restored with one push.

Equipped with AES format digital output terminal.

Equipped with CLOCK IN/OUT jacks (BNCM jacks) for synchronizing the digital unit.

External control via RS232/SMPTE bus (switching type, 9 pin Min D terminal) and display data display are available.

Equipped with a REMOTE connector (15 pin Min D connector) for external control of fader start and other main functions.

The operation mode setting can be changed with the Configuration switch.

Both the Line output and Monitor output are equipped with independent left and right potentiometer for fine adjustment of the level.

Conversion adapter plug (pin-jack terminal) for unbalanced output is included.

Options included monoline output and battery buffer RAM (for memory backup in case of power failure).


Type CD Player
Line output XLR Mx2 (L/R) equilibrium
Output impedance 50 Ω or More (40 Hz ~ 20 kHz)
Output level 12 dBu (adjustable from -10dBu to + 21 dBu)
Signal-to-noise ratio (RMS) 105 dB or more
Total harmonic distortion rate (1 kHz) 0.004% or less
Frequency characteristic 40 Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.2 dB
Crosstalk (1 kHz) -100dB or less
Monitor output 9 pin Min D F (L/R), with external mute input) unbalanced
Monitor output level +12dBu
Built-in monitor amplifier mono10W (4 Ω)
Compressor On / Off
Headphone out Stereo 6.3 mm φ Standard Jack
5.5V/100 Ω
Digital output XLR M
AES Standard 5Vp-p Output / 110 Ω
Clock in/out TTL Level
Clock frequency : 44.1 kHz ± 10%
Remote terminal (TTL level output, TTL level input or switch contact)
Fader Start 1
Control input 7 : Start / Stop, Edit / Online, Next track
Front track, pre-begin, pre-end, and go-to-last control)
Signaling output 3 : online, start fader / on-air
Configuration switch DIP switch
Monitor Mute On / Off
Fader no/nc (fader contact)
Cue On / Off at end of specified interval
Fader / on-air (signal output switching)
Test On / Off
RS232/SMPTE Bus Switching
RS232 Interface Configuration 45.5 to 38.4k boards
SMPTE Bus Configuration 38.4 board
According to SMPTE207M
Device addresses 1-15
Operating temperature + 10 ° C to 60 ° C
Relative humidity 30% to 90% (non-condensing)
Pwer 115 VAC ± 10%, 45 Hz ~ 65 Hz
Power consumption 45VA
External dimensions Width 445x Height 88x Depth 375 mm
Weight 8kg
Attachment Conversion Adapter for Unbalanced output (pin jack)
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