Pure Tone BUB-22 Balancing Amplifier

Pure Tone Laboratory

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Balancing, de-balancing, level converting of analog audio signals.

The pure tone laboratory BUB-22 is a very high quality and robust balancing and de-balancing amplifier.
It enables level and impedance adjustment of semi-professional or non-standard devices to professional studio equipment. A level setting range of 0 .. + 20dB or -20..0dB is available. The device is designed with two channels in both adjustment directions.

Due to the component selection according to the strictest quality criteria, the BUB-22 is absolutely sound-neutral. Noise and distortion are practically non-existent.

Since the matching amplifier has an internal power supply unit (toroidal transformer), a plug-in power supply unit, which is often used and problematic in other devices, is avoided.
The design of the sturdy aluminum housing is chosen and three pieces of the BUB-22 can be combined to form a 19 "/ 1U unit.
All connections are on one side of the housing. This offers a significant advantage in terms of cabling, and not just in complex system environments.