Studer pinch roller for A 807 / A 810 / B 67

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High quality pinch roller for Studer 1/4" tape machines. Dual bearing design includes two new bearings. Fits also Revox B 77 and PR 99.

Athan Pinch Rollers will improve WOW and flutter spec's on your tape machine!

Key Advantages

  • The new design pinch roller core is made out of brass which will dampen vibration that comes through the Capstan motor and transport.
  • Made with new top quality polyurethane material that is the result of years of innovative research and development by Athan Corporation.  It should last 4-5x longer than the original.
  • Specifically developed with a natural color polyurethane which ELIMINATES the black residue created by other black rubber pinch rollers while making it easier for clients to detect dirt build-up on the pinch roller.
  • Having bearings instead of bushings means you will not have runout on the pinch roller.  This is because the bushings sit loosely on the shaft which creates runout problems, where bearings sit snug which eliminates runout.