SEPEA Stabilizer for Studer A 80R / B 62

SEPEA audio

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SEPEA stabilizer module

SEPEA stabilizer is direct replacement for the original Studer audio power supply stabilizer. There are two versions, which are not interchangeable. Version for A80RC and A81 machines can replace original Studer 1.080.964 stabilizer and version for A80R and B62 can replace Studer 1.080.988 stabilizer. The module for A80R/B62 is shorter and has a different pin assignment. The circuit itself is the same for both versions. Although the module is fully compatible, it offers some added features like bigger reservoir capacitors and slow voltage rising-up when powering on.

Read the review from TANNOYISTA UK here.


Stabilizer adjustment

Attach DC voltmeter to test point GND and +12V

Adjust R29 trimmer to DC voltage +12V.

Attach DC voltmeter to test point GND and -12V

Adjust R32 trimmer to DC voltage -12V.

Very important for the audio performance is the symmetry of both positive and negative voltage. Try to set the symmetry as accurately as possible. The absolute value of voltages is not very important, it can be between 12 and 13V.

Note: Adjustment of stabilizer in A80R/B62 machines requires that the connection panel is pulled out. Adjustment of stabilizer in A80RC/A81 machines requires using of extension board 1.080.940.



Big reservoir capacitors 2 x 18800 μF.

Extremely low ripple voltage

Excellent output noise

Very low output impedance

Slow voltage rising-up when machine is powered on

Build of up-to-date, modern components

Front panel LED indicators (A80RC/A81 version only)

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  • 5

    Posted by Josie Lewis - Tannoyista UK on 26th May 2021

    I'm very happy with the Sepea stabilizer. Their expertise in engineering really shines through.