SEPEA Record Amplifier with input transformer for Studer A 80R / A 80RC / A 81 / B 62

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SEPEA record amplifier module with input transformer

SEPEA record amplifier is direct replacement for the original Studer 1.080.982 record amplifier. It can be used in A80R, A80RC, A81 and B62 machines. Although it is fully compatible, it offers some added features like better audio performance, multi-turn trimmers for accurate adjusting, switching between IEC and NAB playback equalization and easy adapting for high speed (15/30 ips) machines.

Amplifier adjustment

Basic amplifier adjustment (level and treble correction and bias setting) should be done in the same way as at the original amplifier. Refer to the service manual for the specific tape recorder machine for exact adjustment procedure. Switching between IEC and NAB standards. IEC/NAB switch is located in the front of the record amplifier. Select the required standard accordingly in which standard the tape should be recorded. You can switch between standards whenever you want without need to stop record or switch off the machine.

Adapting for 15/30 ips speed

Equalization curves for different tape speed are not the same. The record amplifier has to be set accordingly which speeds your tape recorder machine uses. The setting is done by means of the SPEED jumper on the record amplifier board (see the fig.1). If you use the machine with 7,5 and 15 ips speeds, set the jumper to the left position marked 7,5/15. If you use high speed machine with 15 and 30 ips speeds, set the jumper to the right position marked 15/30. This setting has to be done before inserting the card into the rack. Both channels should have the identical setting.

Using the VU pannel, MONO/STEREO switch or CONNECTION PANEL

The signal path between line receiver stage and the next buffer stage is broken (see the fig.2). This is because mostly the external connection from pin 11 to pin 10 via VU panel, Mono/Stereo switch or Connection panel (1.080.997, 1.080.989, 1.081.939) is used. If you don't use none of these, the internal connection has to be applied. If this is the case, set the jumper marked CONNECTION to the right position (internal connection), otherwise set it to the left possition (external connection). This setting has to be done before inserting the card into the rack. Both channels should have the identical setting.

Attention: Switch off the machine before removing and inserting the amplifier modules.


Fully balanced transformer line input
Build of up-to-date, modern components
Top quality WIMA polypropylene capacitors
Precision multi-turn cermet trimmers for adjusting
Switchable IEC/NAB equalization
Speed 30/15 or 15/7.5 ips, switchable by jumper
Excellent signal to noise ratio of 87dB (lin)
Extremely low distortion, THD < 0.01%