SEPEA A101 Low Noise Linear Amplifier Module for Studer A 80R / A 80RC / A 81 / B 62 / Mixer189

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 SEPEA A101 Linear Amplifier Module for Studer


Studer A101 Linear Hybrid Discrete Amplifier module for STUDER A80RC, A80R, B62, A81 and some mixers such as the 189. 

The A101 is used in quite a few of the modules in Studer recorders. Why would you need to replace it? 

  • The originals were epoxy encased and there is a tantalum capacitor on board that needs to be replaced. The modules were notorious for problems particularly the early H1 variety.

  • Using more modern transistors with matched high gain and very low noise - a slight improvement in performance is possible.

2 year