RTM LPR90 0,25" Premium Audio Recording Tape, Long Play Version of SM900

Recording The Masters

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 Recording The Masters LPR90 1/4 inch premium reel to reel audio recording tape. New tape created by Recording The Masters brand.The magnetic formula is the same as the world-leader SM 900 tape, but coated on a thinner basement. It will fullfil any need of High-End analogue tape entusiast.

R38510 - Try it and see what is your old recorder capable of.You don´t have to worry,if the input signal is not too high.

R38511 - Ideal solution for the high-tone seekers.Try it,if you don´t wish to readjust your dull sounding tape recorder.

R38512 - State-of the art tape on cost-saving plastic reel.Trident hole for problem-free operating.

R38520 - Best tape on luxurious metal reel.Excelent drop-out level even on lower speeds.

R38530 - Affordable solution in ECO-pack box.After chaging the original flanges from old reel you have a better tape than was the original one.

Datasheet please find here.