Reed Muse 3A Turntable


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2 DC motors symmetrical drive, field switchable belt or friction drive
33 and 45, max deviation +/- 0.05 %, PLL speed control
no tonearm fitted, optional second armbase, buy recommended 9,5-12" tonearms from related products below
Low-noise polymer sliding bearing, electronic inclinometer, mechanical and electronic protection systems
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The turntable “Reed Muse 3A” was designed innovatively using the principles of the Bauhaus Style. This turntable meets the highest quality requirements.

The entire body of this turntable (including the bottom) is made out of birch plywood, which makes it durable, stable, and non-resonant. This model “Muse 3A” could be coated in three different colours: Carnelian Red, White and Black – depending on the customer’s choice. The platter, which is raised slightly above the main body, and hidden supports (feet) create an illusion of a light, almost hovering item, although the turntable is quite heavy.

The main bearing system of model “Muse 3A” is the same as in model “Muse 3C”. It is a reverse sliding thrust ball bearing for a main axis. The bearing ball is made from stainless steel and the lateral stability is achieved by using a very durable and low-noise sliding bearing.

“Muse 3A” turntable has a user changeable traction system. It can be switched to a belt drive or friction drive very easily (same as Muse 3C). The main difference between the models “Muse 1C”, “Muse 3C” and “Muse 3A” is that “Muse 3A” uses a single, powerful, precision Coreless DC motor. A system like this ensures less noise coming from the drive system which may be transferred to LP and phono cartridge.

Turntable “Muse 3A” has a digital control system indicator, which specifies the rotating speed of the platter and other important operating system information. In addition, the display shows an inclinometer connected to a very accurate level, which is important for correct adjustments of horizontality.

“Muse 3A” allows a customer to mount one or two tonearms (possible centre or off-centre mounting), of an effective length from 9.5″ to 12″ inclusive.

Colour Carnelian Red, White, Black
Drive Belt or friction; one coreless DC motor
Speed 33 1/3, 45 rpm
Speed stabilizing system Quartz-based phase-locked loop (PLL)
Max deviation of average speed +– 0.05 %
Indication Digital – platter rotating speed, horizontality, and other information
Supply voltage DC +12V, via 100 – 240V AC adapter
Tonearms up to two, centre or off-centre mounting; effective length from 9.5“ to 12“
Product dimensions (L x W x H) With one tonearm mounting: 560 x 345 x 150 mm
With two tonearm mountings: 730 x 345 x 150 mm
Packaging dimensions (L x W x H) 650 x 520 x 350 mm
Product weight netto (unpacked) Without tonearms – 15kg
Product weight brutto (packed) 23 kg
2 year