Alice Cooper Band: Live From The Astroturf - Metal Reel 1/4" 38cm/s (15ips) Tape, LPR90

Horch House

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1x Metal Reel Tape, LPR90, Standard Pack, Standard Master Copy, Metal NAB reel 265mm (10.5inch), 1/4inch RTM LPR90 tape, IEC eq., 320nWb/m
Tape Speed:
38cm/s (15ips)
Tape Width:
1/4 inch
Reel Type:
Metal Reel
Horch House Cat#:
2023 in Austria
Original Release:
2023 Label earMUSIC Cat# 0217875EMU
Alice Cooper Band
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If you love rock music - just buy this tape and you will be happy.

Formed in 1968, the original Alice Cooper band forged a theatrical brand of hard rock that was destined to shock and had never been seen before. Within five years they would release no fewer than seven studio albums, amongst them their international breakthrough School's Out (including the Top 10 hit of the same name) and the US #1 Billion Dollar Babies (1973).

By 1974, the band had risen to the upper echelon of rock stardom... and then, it dissolved.

In October 2015, over 40 years later, record store owner and superfan Chris Penn convinced the original line-up to reunite for a very special performance at Good Records, his record store in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Alice Cooper (vocals), Michael Bruce (guitar), Dennis Dunaway (bass) and Neal Smith (drums) were joined on stage by Alice’s current guitarist Ryan Roxie (standing in for the late Glen Buxton). A packed audience was expecting to attend Dennis Dunaway’s Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!’ book signing… but they ended up witnessing a full-blown happening.

The legendary reunion show including all-time classics such as “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out”, is now available for the very first time worldwide on reel to reel tape.


01 Caught In A Dream

02 Be My Lover

03 I am Eighteen

04 Is It My Body

05 No More Mr. Nice Guy

06 Under My Wheels

07 School Is Out

08 Elected (Encore!)

09 Desperado (Instrumental Bonus Track)

Recording information:

Title: Live From The Astroturf
Artist: Alice Cooper Band
Genre: Pop-Rock
Media: 1x 1/4" Metal Reel Tape Stereo 38cm/s (15ips), LPR90, . Standard Master Copy, Metal NAB reel 265mm (10.5"), 1/4" RTM LPR90 tape, IEC eq., 320nWb/m
Label: Horch House
Cat#: HH05.00.216
Released: 2023 in Austria
Original release: 2023 by earMUSIC 0217875EMU

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