Bryston BR-20 Flagship Stereo Audio Preamplifier/DAC/Streamer with HDMI & Phono Options


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Digital formats:
max rates PCM 384 kHz/32 bit | DSD256 (12MHz); file types DSD | WAV | FLAC | AIFF
Music sources:
Local library, Tidal, Qobuz, Roon, Internet Radio
2x RCA analog | 2x XLR analog | 2x RCA S/PDIF digital | 2x Optical Toslink digital | 2x AES/EBU digital | 4x HDMI inputs | USB
2x XLR Balanced outputs (fixed or variable)
Discrete Class A preamp, Dual Mono DAC 32-bit (2x AK4490)
Front panel handles:
Available upon request (no rackmount holes)
5 Years
Selected Finish is
Selected LED color (standard is green) is
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"Our most exquisite representation of musicality ever. The BR-20 is a fitting tribute to our late dear friend and colleague Brian Russell" - The Whole Team Bryston Ltd.

The Bryston BR-20 merges our newly designed, best ever fully balanced analog preamp architecture with the award-winning digital to analog conversion (DAC) and built-in streaming borrowed from our well regarded BDP series. The BR-20 is the ultimate audiophile hub, including the features and connectivity to accommodate the demands of the modern audiophile. From our best ever built-in headphone amplifier to optional phono inputs for vinyl collectors and 4K HDMI inputs for DSD playback and A/V connectivity, the BR-20 has been engineered to work with nearly any source. Bryston’s innovative analog circuitry designed specifically for the BR-20 preamplifier has yielded the lowest noise and distortion measurements in the 40-plus year history of the Bryston brand. For the music enthusiast, this means more lifelike performances, more detail, and more dimensionality from the recordings you love. The BR-20 comes with the BR-4 remote plus RS232 and network connectivity for limitless control options..



  • 2 ea. Balanced and Single Ended Inputs
  • 2 ea. Balanced Outputs
  • All New fully discrete Class A analog circuitry
  • XLR pair configurable as variable or fixed output
  • Independent power supply for analog and digital circuits.
  • Relay switching on all inputs
  • Programmable theater bypass feature
  • Software control and balanced action volume control
  • Included high-res DAC up to PCM 384 kHz / 32 bit and DSD x 4
  • Digital Inputs include 2 ea. AES/EBU, TOSLINK, S/PDIF (RCA) and 1 ea. USB
  • Included high resolution streamer plays back virtually any file format at native resolution. 
  • Control entire system using intuitive webUI on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Low Z Headphone amplifier is a dedicated headphone circuit capable of powering even very difficult to drive headphones.


  • Silver or black faceplate
  • 17” or 19” faceplate (non-rack mountable)
  • Internal 4 input, 1 output HDMI card is 4K HDR compatible. Can also receive DSD over HDMI
  • Internal MM Phono Stage (replaces 1 RCA analog input)



What would happen if we designed a truly state-of-the-art analog preamplifier, combined it with our award winning digital-to-analog conversion circuitry, and built bit-perfect high resolution streaming all into a single chassis? Would it sound better than separates? Could we simplify world-class sound? Could we convince you to downsize your rack while upgrading your system?


Years of R&D have resulted in a new discrete operational amplifier from Bryston that outperforms all that have come before. Each BR-20 measures at or below 0.0006% THD+N—an exceptionally low number giving your music incredible room to breathe! We combined the excellent BDA-3 DAC with an updated BDP streaming platform into the system so you can get the best possible digital performance from our built in player, or the digital source of your choosing. We even updated the internal headphone amplifier to have more power and lower output impedance to effortlessly power even difficult loads. Finally, we offer our best phono preamp and an all new HDMI card as options for even greater flexibility in your system. We can confidently say the new BR-20 is our best preamp ever!


Audio Emporium Dave´s Fav (March 2021)

Norm V. Review with T-Rex (March 2021)

Steve Brothman First Impressions (March 2021)

Absolute Sound - Best Audio Gear (February 2022)

Diapason Magazine (March 2023)






5 Years

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  • 5
    Absolute Sound - Best Audio Gear 2022

    Posted by Seven Bryston Products Awarded on 29th Mar 2022

    The Bryston BR-20 is one of the most success-ful mergers of a solid-state analog preamp with a DAC and built-in streaming available to- day.

  • 5
    Bryston BR-20 First Impressions

    Posted by Steve Brothman on 10th Mar 2021

    I have not derived this much pleasure from a new component in my system for probably decades. This is the most involving, wonderfully musical and easily the least "digital" preamp I have used.

  • 5
    Bryston BR-20 – Active Mini T-REX

    Posted by Norm V. on 10th Mar 2021

    Now, several listening days later I am still fully enjoying the new (and, I think, better) sound that the BR-20 is delivering. So overall I am very happy with the new unit.

  • 5
    Bryston BR-20 – Dave’s Fav

    Posted by Audio Emporium Dave’s Fav on 10th Mar 2021

    BR-20’s sonic character is immediate, or, transparent, if you prefer that term. The resolution of BR-20 is to die for. You won’t have to guess, or hunt for any detail within the music. It’s all there, in proper balance.