*NEW* Esoteric Grandioso M1X Mono Audio Power Amplifier

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ETA June 2021
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Power output:
300W @8Ω (600W @4Ω, 1200W @2Ω)
Discrete Monaural, bipolar transistor with high-current amplification factor and low on-resistance super junction

Redefinition of a power amplifier with the flagship model


Employing a newly developed super junction bipolar transistor the ESOTERIC SJ-BJT01, the Grandioso M1 has evolved into the X Edition.
An all-new Grandioso M1X, a power amplifier that draws music from dignified silence to effusive passion.

Grandioso M1X
Grandioso M1X

Throughout renewal of Grandioso M1 with the latest circuit technologies


  • The world’s first* bipolar transistor with high-current amplification factor and low on-resistance super junction, the ESOTERIC SJ-BJT01 for power amplifier element
  • Toroidal-core transformers exclusive for both voltage amplification and current amplification stages
  • Over-sized ESOTERIC’s custom-designed toroidal-core transformers with over 3,000VA of core-size for the current amplification stage
  • New custom-deisgned capacitor with as high as 60,000uF capacity for the power supply section of the current amplification stage
  • ES-LINK Analog input, a unique current transmission method, in addition to the conventional balanced and unbalanced inputs
  • IDM-01 (Integrated Discrete-Amplifier Module) designed for the Grandioso C1X applied to the ES-LINK Analog circuit
  • Audio signal control with FET elements that are not affected by mechanical contacts
  • Copper foil for conductive patterns on power supply and amplifier printed circuit boards
  • Balanced-design buffer amplifier circuit on input stage
* as of August 2020


Grandioso M1X

Construction without compromise


  • Hybrid structure with main and bottom chassis with different rigidity
  • Tri power transformer configuration equipped with an R-core exclusive for control system
  • ESOTERIC’s custom-designed un-even length heatsink fins
  • Semi-floating design top panel that maximizes openness of sound
  • ESOTERIC’s patent-registered unique pin-point feet



The completion of the X Edition


  • High quailty analog audio transmission with the Grandioso C1X via ES-LINK Analog
  • Trigger function allows the Grandioso C1X to turn on and off the M1X in sequence


Grandioso M1X
Grandioso M1X

Shown with the Grandioso C1X in stereo configuration.


Key Specifications
  • Maximum output: 300 Watt into 8 Ohms / 600 Watt into 4 Ohms / 1,200 Watt into 2 Ohms
  • Inputs: ES-LINK Analog × 1, RCA × 1, XLR × 1
  • Speaker Output: Speaker Terminals × 1ch
  • Trigger: IN × 1, THRU × 1 (Power On/Off controllable from the Gandioso C1X)
  • Overall Dimensions: 491 × 221.5 × 535mm (W×H×D, including protrusion)
  • Weight: 63kg


Grandioso M1X
2 years